Veterinarian Washer

Thanks for visiting us to learn more about washers for veterinarian clinics and animal hospitals.  Below is additional info about these washers.  Please contact us at 405.424.4318 or to get a quote.

The washers most popular for clinics and animal hospitals are:

Capacity    Model      Example load                                          List price* (including base)
20 lb.      W720co     3 blankets, 6 towels, 4 surgical gowns   $5,065
30 lb.      W5130N     5 blankets, 6 towels, 6 surgical gowns   $6,968
45 lb.      W5180N     8 blankets, 8 towels, 6 surgical gowns   $8,914
*We think of list price as a starting point.  When you call for a quote we will usually discount this.

Bases are used in most applications.  Without a base ten inches of concrete is necessary.  The base also elevates the machine to a comfortable operating height and allows for drainage slope.

Installation is done by our trained technicians.  We usually bring the machine in on a pallet jack, secure it to the floor, and check start up if services are available.  We are not licensed to perform plumbing, electrical, or venting work.  These washers can use existing, home-style, hose bibs for the inlet hoses.  The washers need a three inch drain.  A competent plumber can provide an adapter to a home-style hook-up line lower in the wall.  Commonly, the washers plug into 208-240 volt / 1 phase outlets but come in multiple voltage, phase, and wiring configurations.

Water temperature can be controlled and reported by the machine.

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