Before You Buy (OPL)

It is a good idea to check these things:

  1. Look on the spec sheet and note the width of the machine. Will the machine fit through all of the doors leading into the laundry room?

  2. Electrical specification. On the quote an electrical specification for the machine will be given. For example it may be "208-240volt/1 phase". Does the electricity supplied in the room match this? If you have an existing machine you can check that machine's serial number plate to see what electrical specification it is using. If you have no idea a volt meter may have to be used. The machine spec sheet will also tell you the correct size breaker to have. Note: If you are ordering a single phase machine and have three phase electricity the install will still work; our technician can "drop a leg".

  3. For washers, is your drain in good working order? Is it large enough and properly vented?

  4. For dryers, do you have fresh, make-up air behind the dryer? Do you have a large enough vent duct? Most dryers we sell use an 8” duct not the common household 6” duct. You can check the machine spec sheet for the right size. Finally, if you are buying a gas dryer are you equipped with the proper shut-offs and a flex hose that will work for the dryer?