Optimize your on-premise laundry room.


Maybe you are a hotel that needs to turn over linens quickly.  Maybe you are a health facility that needs to correctly sanitize bed sheets.  Maybe you are a gym that doesn't want to waste money on water and cleaning chemicals.  You want equipment that is the correct size, durable, and engineered to be efficient.

Arrow Machinery sells the best brands for on-premise laundries.  We are the Oklahoma distributor for Electrolux, Milnor, and American Dryers. We also sell commercial Whirlpool equipment, ironers, folders, and carts.

If you are looking to build out a new laundry room or update an existing laundry room call us at 1-800-835-WASH or 405-424-4319.




Laundries by Arrow Machinery

Build a profitable laundromat.


The profitability of a laundromat comes from up-time, low service costs, and extended life of machines.  Equipment choice is key.  Why not get the best machines?

When you buy from us we offer free design services.  We will look at your layout, properly size machines for your laundromat, sell you high quality washers and dryers, and then back it all up with the best service for  years to come.

Call us today at 1-800-835-WASH or 405.424.4319.




new wascomat install

These Wascomat 720cc, twenty-pound washers were put in to update this laundromat.  They are equipped with a card reading system from Card Concepts Inc.

Oklahoma City

small format laundromat

An "express" style laundromat that fits a location with smaller square footage yet meets the needs of the neighborhood market.


Fix it.


Arrow Machinery prides itself on its service.  We repair brands of machines.  Fixing commercial washers and commercial dryers is what we do best.  We cover all of Oklahoma (and some parts just beyond).

Each of our technicians have extensive experience.  Our commercial laundry parts inventory is deep and current.  We keep it on hand so that you can get back up and going quickly.

Learn more about our service, schedule a service call, or search for help here.